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Save yourself time. Go online for faster service.

Did you know? If you go online before you visit the RMV, you may find out you don’t need to make a trip to an RMV service center. And if you do need to visit a service center, you can fill out your application online first which will make it faster for the RMV to process your transaction.

Due to new federal and state requirements, you need to provide more documents than you have before in order to get or renew a driver’s license, ID card, or learner's permit. Visit for all the information you need about the new requirements and to determine which of the two credential options you can choose from – a REAL ID driver’s license/ID or a Standard driver’s license/ID card.

If you choose a Standard driver's license/ID card, you may be able to complete the entire transaction online. If you choose a REAL ID driver's license/ID, you'll need to go to a service center but you should start your application online to make sure you know what documents to bring and for faster service.

After October of 2020, you will need either a passport or REAL ID when you fly in the U.S. or enter certain federal buildings.

You ask, we answer.

States Alamy United Photo 133897053 Stock Social - Card Security Old Answers to common questions about the new document requirements.

If you have to get or renew a driver’s license, ID card, or learner’s permit, you should note that document requirements have changed.

We often receive questions from customers about the new document requirements for getting or renewing a driver's license. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions with answers to help you and your constituents.

What if my name is different from the name that appears on my documents?
If your current name doesn’t match the one that appears on your lawful presence document(s), you must prove your legal name change with an acceptable document in order to qualify for a REAL ID credential. A marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court document all qualify. However, if the names don’t match, you can still get a Standard ID or driver's license.

Can a laminated Social Security card be accepted? What about other laminated documents?
No. Laminated Social Security cards are not acceptable for a REAL ID credential. If you have a valid SSN and other required documents, you can get a Standard driver’s license or ID. Customers with a laminated Social Security card that want a REAL ID can order a replacement Social Security card through the Social Security Administration website.

The RMV does not accepted laminated documents to meet any of the new lawful presence or other identification requirements. 

Why won't my passport verify?
Some U.S. passports are not immediately verifying through the U.S. Passport Verification Service, the outside service we use for document verification. The RMV is working on a resolution with our service provider. We have seen this happen to a very small percentage of customers since we began verification using this new service.

You may use your certified U.S. birth certificate as an alternate document or we can work with you to escalate this issue in a process that may take approximately two weeks to confirm verification. 

What versions of a U.S. birth certificate can the RMV accept?
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We are able to accept a certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate regardless of shape

and size (“short-form,” “long-form,” and “card” versions) as long as it is stamped with a raised seal of the issuing agency of the document. The issuing agency can be the city, town, or the Vital Records Office for the state where you were born. We do not accept hospital-issued birth certificates.

States Alamy United Photo 133897053 Stock Social - Card Security Old Other questions? offers all the information you need about the new document requirements and starting your application online.

You’ll also see our online Info Center on this page. Our Info Center is a great resource to answer many questions that could be specific to your situation.

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